How It Works

Stop Slip Solutions can ensure that any hard mineral surface will be safer under both wet and dry conditions after treatment. This is not a coating or film. It will not change the appearance of your bathtub or flooring nor will it peel, chip, flake or crack.

We use a long-lasting chemical treatment developed and proven to work on concrete, Spanish tile, ceramic tile, quarry tile, glazed tile and brick, marble, terrazzo, other hard mineral surfaces as well as porcelain and enamel bathtubs. This product creates an invisible tread design on the surface that actually significantly increases the friction especially when wet and even in the presence of kitchen grease or other oils. After application, once slippery surfaces will be safer and have greater traction, significantly reducing the risk of slip and fall injuries/liability in both the home and workplace.

There is no down time for your bathtub, shower, pool area or flooring. Once the area is treated and rinsed there will be no residue remaining and it will be safe and ready for use. An increase in coefficient of friction will be experienced for up to 5 years.

A Measurable Difference in Safety

The coefficient of friction (or resistance to slipping accidents) of flooring surfaces is an important measure to be considered. This test is conducted using a tribometer (floor slip resistance tester) to determine the risk of possibly falls due to slipping in either wet or dry conditions. Tests may also be conducted using other factors such as grease or oils such as those used in kitchens, factories, and garages.

The friction coefficient is measured for stationary or static resistance and dynamic or in motion resistance. Sure Step, the revolutionary product used by Stop Slip Solutions has been shown to increase the coefficient of friction by 200-400% in both wet and dry conditions even in the presence of oils and grease.

Coefficient of friction comparison chart for quarry tile

See the Coefficient of Friction Difference

Coefficient of friction on glazed tile comparison chart

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