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At Stop Slip Solutions Inc, we are constantly updating our products and services so we can better serve you and help you achieve your business or residential safety goals. We are now certified in Sealing Pavers, Travertine & Marble! Take a look at our products and services below to find exactly the solution for your safety needs. At Stop Slip Solutions, we are keeping you on your feet!

Pavers, Travertine and Marble

Close view of the car at the top edge car wash

Top Edge Car Wash

Making Pool Areas Safer and Beautiful At The Same Time

Stop Slip Solutions Inc can make your pool and recreational living areas safer and more beautiful with our special treatments.  A wide variety of colors and options are available for the perfect fit for you.  Sanding, filling and sealing, painting and treating the area to prevent slips and falls.  We’re here to give you peace of mind to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather and your pool areas.  Give us a call, Stop Slip Solutions Inc, Today at 941-600-8031.

Now Certified In Sealing Pavers!  Protect Your Outdoor Living Spaces!

Revive Your Outdoor Living

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Seal Your Pavers!

Stop Slip Solutions Inc is now certified to seal your pavers! Being proud of your outdoor living space is just a part of being in Florida. Pavers are an excellent choice for decorating, unfortunately they are very susceptible to mold and mildew stains that happen in the Florida humidity. At Stop Slip Solutions Inc we are now certified to seal those pavers. Were going to take exceptional care in removing the stains with power washing, sealing all cracks and crevices with new sand, and going over with an exceptional finish to leave your outdoor living space as good as new. Give us a call, Stop Slip Solutions Inc, Today at 941-600-8031.

Say Goodbye To The Eye Sore And Hello To the Gorgeous!