Most people go thru a remodeling project at least once in their lifetime. It can be a very rewarding experience if you have the right information. Here we will explain the different floor options for outdoor areas which usually get wet from either rain, sprinklers or water from the pool.

Nowadays people love pavers because they give the house a warm cozy feel. Pavers are non-slippery and can be removed easily if anything underground needs to be added at a later date, such as an electric cable or a gas line or drain for an outdoor kitchen. Often the roots of the trees can also grow and start damaging different parts of the house so the flooring will have to be removed to get to those problematic roots.

Having said that, a lot of our customers do not like the maintenance involved with pavers as the weed grows between the pavers and it makes them aesthetically unpleasing. It is also very time consuming to pull those weeds out by hand (best way) or spray them with a weed killer which in turn is bad for your own health. Because no grout is used, you get dirt embedded between the pavers making cleaning more difficult.

There are numerous porcelain tiles for outdoor use. These give your house a nicer more upscale look. Tiles definitely eliminate the growth of weeds as there is a cement foundation underneath, and the tiles are also grouted. Cleaning is also a breeze, by just sweeping, mopping or hosing.

Most people are afraid to use porcelain tiles for outdoor areas as these inevitably will get wet all the time and these will always be a lot more slippery than pavers! But don’t worry, we have a solution for this which I will explain at the end of this article.

Here are some tips when shopping for outdoor tiles:

Always look for porcelain tiles, they are a bit more expensive than ceramic tiles, but well worth it. They are harder, nonporous, easy to clean and maintain, UV coated for outdoor use and very scratch resistant.

Matte tiles are less slippery when wet. Some have textured surfaces making it even less slippery.

Using the same tile inside and outside your house, especially when you have sliding doors opening to your patio, give your house a bigger and more open feeling, adding to a better resale value !

For any tile you choose (either for indoor or outdoor use) we have a special chemical treatment that will make your tile up to 400% more slip resistant when wet. Therefore, don’t let your favorite tile stay behind just because it seems slippery. We can treat any tile to make them SAFER WET THAN DRY !

Our product is not sold at any store or online as it has to be applied only by trained professionals like us.

Please visit our website at to watch some videos and see how our product works or contact us at (941) 600-8031 for an explanation.

We do FREE home testing and can even test any tile for you before you start your remodeling project. This will enable you to feel the difference between the treated and untreated sides of the tile.

Best of all, our products and treatments come with a 2 year warranty !