Unsafe Work Environments:
You would think 5 star hotels/restaurants would have less accidents because of being so clean and having the best equipment. Well, let me tell you about a recent experience in the kitchen of a 5 start hotel.
We were called to urgently treat a kitchen prep area because they had 4 slip & fall accidents in one month! Even with special non slip kitchen shoes, the employees were still sliding on the floors. After we did the treatment, many employees came to talk to me asking me why they haven’t asked us to treat the floors a long time ago? I said, “I don’t know, maybe they want to be more safety conscious now? Maybe they did not know of this product?”
Then they started telling me how many people had already slipped and fallen in the kitchen. One woman even broke her hip from the fall and was incapacitated for 1 whole year. Others had minor falls, but no broken bones. Two servers even quit because nothing was being done to fix the slippery problem and they feared breaking something just like their colleague. The manager was aware but did not pass this problem on to the HR department to ask for a solution.
We happened to have contacted the hotel to offer our services, and while applying our product on other areas, the chef saw us doing the treatment, walked up to us and began to tell us of the big problem they were having in their kitchen. The HR Manager could not believe this was NOT brought to her attention earlier. Kitchen slip and falls can be worse because there is always hot food and hot oil around. A slip and fall in a kitchen can become a nightmare with bad burns.
They prioritized the kitchen treatment first and we did the whole kitchen area the week after. Now they are very happy and in a much safer work environment.
Moral Of This Story:
If you find your work environment unsafe when wet, tell your manager, if he does not do anything, tell the HR manager, and make sure everyone that slips and falls complains right away so they have a log of complaints. A good owner will do anything to keep their valued employees safe!
We have the right solution for these types of problems. We can make floor safer wet than dry, even oily floors in the kitchen will be safer after our treatment!
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